Note from the Town Council

In 2021, the hope and goal is to develop an ADA compliant website. In the meantime, we will do our best to make sure that the information on the current website is as up-to-date as possible, but there may be errors. Please bear with us during this transition period.

The Ogden Dunes Town Calendar will be continually updated to include Town Council and committee meeting locations and zoom info. The "upcoming events" list below is populated by the Town Calendar, and when an event comes to pass, it will disappear from view. If you are late to a meeting, simply check the Town Calendar to find the event you wish to attend on the calendar to find the location (or Zoom) information.

Https:// Is the only official site for information for the Ogden Dunes Town Council or any of the Town Committees.  The Town of Ogden Dunes has not sanctioned any other site for official news nor will the council respond to anything posted on these sites.  All questions or the reporting of any issue in town should be directed to the following:

Town Hall:    (219-762-4125)          ([email protected])

Town Marshal:                                    ([email protected])

Town Council Members:                   ([email protected]


Town News:   Updated January 19th,  2022 


 Plan Commission Public Hearing January 27th, 2022


Baker Tilly Report May 2021.pdf 

 Marquette Greenway Presentation June 7th, 2021.pdf

OD Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2020 CCR.pdf

2021-08-17 - WB Water Rate Increase Presentation.pdf

2021-08-17 - BFC Budget Presentation.pdf

OD Resident 2021 Survey Results.pdf

Itinerant Vendors Ordinance.pdf


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New Recognition Program

Posted: April 13, 2021 12:18pm CDT

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Volunteers Needed

Ogden Dunes needs your help! Volunteer your time on your schedule. We are currently seeking volunteers to help with the following:

  • Adopt-A-Drain
  • Adopt-A-Mailbox-Kiosk
  • Woodworkers Needed


Event Calendar

Check the event calendar for all meetings and social activities.

Ogden Dunes Calendar

Seasonal Parking Restrictions

May 1st - September 30th. For more information see Parking Restrictions.