Dear Residents,

The town council has asked that four water samples be pulled along our beach in equal distances from the mouth of the ditch and also a sand sample from the west end of the beach.

All of the samples have indicated results of no detect for cyanide which means it is below the detection limits of the test performed. These analytical procedures are very sensitive. This is good news.

Also IDEM has reported results from samples pulled on August 18th and there are some detectable levels of cyanide but they are very low.

There still may be cyanide in the water column of the burns waterway so Ogden Dunes is in line with the National Lake Shore with keeping the beaches closed until there are three days of analysis indicating no detect or very low detection. I would expect from this time forward the analytical results will be no detect.

I am in agreement with the Mayer of Portage in the question on why it took so long for our towns to be notified if notified at all, which we were not officially notified. We have a serious breakdown in communications that needs to be rectified. I will be working on this. 

Thanks for your patience.

Best Wishes,

Scott Lehmann
Town Council President

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