Quality of Life

Why do so many smart, creative and successful people call Ogden Dunes home? Simply, we offer an unmatched quality of life – for all kinds of people!

The unique and engaging character of Ogden Dunes is built on a solid foundation. We're a community that offers reasonably priced housing, a safe environment, healthy and charming neighborhoods, big-city accessibility, and a small-town pace. It's no wonder so many people come to Ogden Dunes for a visit ... and end up staying.

The gorgeous natural setting of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is one of America's most unique landscapes and offers plenty of opportunities to get outdoors for fitness, recreation and relaxation. In Ogden Dunes, it's easy to make a habit out of having fun year round!

As Ogden Dunes takes its place among the world's leading small towns, our cultural vitality and lifestyle assets continue to grow. You can always find your place in Ogden Dunes – making friends and getting what you want out of life!

Small Town Living

There is an abundance of reasons to live in a small town like Ogden Dunes, and more and more people are moving out of the city to the countryside saying that their reasons to live in a small town started with wanting a slower pace of life, or a better place to bring up their kids. There are many benefits to living in a small town, such as...


A sense of community is one of the main cited reasons to live in a small town and Ogden Dunes is an iconic example of people making a difference in their community. Strangers will smile at you, offer directions, or push you out of the snow. Neighbors will help you carry your groceries or rake your leaves or check on you if you are ill in your home.


If you think back to your childhood, when life was not quite as chaotic, you may be lucky enough to remember a wide open sky with a carpet of stars. In the country, or small town, you get to have that every single night of your life. Leave the light pollution of the city behind and move to a small town like Ogden Dunes.


Once you have lived in a small town like Ogden Dunes, you kind of become allergic to traffic, as the only traffic you will encounter is a family walking down to the beach for an afternoon in the sun. And there is always parking – question is will you need it if you came on your bicycle or walk?


The cacophonous background noise of the big city is non-existent in Ogden Dunes. You can embark on a peaceful nature walk and listen to the dune grass blow in the wind as the lake waves softly crash onto the beach.


One of the advantages of life in Ogden Dunes is the fact that people and families do everything together. Far away from the peering eyes of the bright city lights and instant gratification, people swim at the beach, build snowmen and play cards in front of the fire. Families in Ogden Dunes do everything together – not like in the city where the adults go out every night and the kids are left with a sitter.


Life is simpler in a small community; there are very few big city distractions. You get back to your roots and great pleasure is taken in things like baking, woodwork, sewing and walking the dog. Quality time is one of the most attractive reasons to live in a small town like Ogden Dunes.


This may seem like a downside, but it’s a huge bonus. Everybody knows where you live and who you are, how many sugars you take in your morning coffee, what days you walk your dog, how many kids you have, what car you drive, and if they should save a seat for you at the town meeting. You can be sure that your neighbors and friends will know immediately if you are in trouble or if you need help and will rally around you.