Town Attorney

The Town Attorney renders advice on all legal questions affecting the Town, its Boards and Commissions, Police Department, Fire Department, and the Parks Department. Other duties may include:

  • Prosecutes or defends any and all lawsuits or actions to which the Town may be a party, or in which the Town has an interest, or which may be brought against an officer or employee of the Town.
  • Prosecutes actions for condemnation under eminent domain statutes for the Town, Parks and Recreation, and other department of the Town.
  • Advises and assists in the drafting of Town ordinances, orders, and regulations.
  • Drafts or reviews all contracts to which the Town is expected to become a party.
  • Submits legal opinions to the departments of the Town concerning the constitutionally or legality of various actions or procedures.
  • Prosecutes violations of Town ordinances, including violations of local traffic offenses.
  • Litigates insurance claims.