The role of volunteers in today's modern society cannot be underestimated. The volunteers in the Town of Ogden Dunes are no exception. Volunteers play a huge part in the running of our community, both on a local, state and national level.

The Town of Ogden Dunes is a community of people who pull together to accomplish their goals. We help each other and we celebrate our accomplishments. Our goal in Ogden Dunes is to continue to strengthen our volunteers base, the Town's cultural environment, our government, and our ability to serve our constituents.

Every human being has a circle of influence within their home, among their friends and in their community that contributes in a positive way to society. We have seen in our Town how volunteering has contributed to our community in so many facets of life, but most important of all, it sets the tones by teaching and improving things for the next generations to come with the benefits of rewards for a strong and close community that will always prevail upon Life.

Volunteers Needed

We are currently seeking volunteers to help with the following:

  • Adopt-A-Drain
  • Adopt-A-Mailbox-Kiosk
  • Woodworkers Needed


Check your local storm drain and periodically clear debris from cage. If you see a problem, contact the Street Department.


Remove staples, tacks and all expired notices and fliers. Check to ensure the postings are only for town sanctioned events. Rake, prune, or hang flower basket. Report damage to Street Department by calling 219.763.6755. Mailbox depot map link.

Woodworkers Needed

The Town needs to rebuild five freestanding message boards. If you have the skills and tools for the job, please contact the Street Department at 219.763.6755.

Volunteer Forms