Utilities and Services


Electrical service is provided through overhead wire distribution in the older subdivisions and underground cable in the more recently developed areas by Northern Indiana Public Service Company of NIPSCO Industries.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is also provided by NIPSCO through underground piping.


Land line telephone service is provided by Frontier, Comcast, DIRECTV or Vonage

Cable TV

Cable TV service is provided by Comcast.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV service is provided by DIRECTVDISH, and Frontier.


Internet providers are updated regularly on this website: broadbandnow.com

Postal Delivery

Postal delivery and pickup service are provided daily by the Portage Post Office to residents boxes in stations throughout the town. Other package pickup and delivery services are provided by private carriers.

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage disposal and recycling is by private contractor selected by the Town Council. More info is available on the Garbage and Recycling page.


Sewage disposal is by individual septic system.

Municipal Water

Municipal water service became available in 1962 with completion of the town's pumping and water main distribution system. Water is purchased from the Northern Indiana Waterworks.

Emergency Services

The town is protected by 24-hour emergency police and fire service, with the added benefit of reciprocal cooperative assistance on call from the City of Portage and the National Park Service.

The Town Marshal and officers maintain patrol and surveillance of the streets, parks and beach areas.

The Marshal's staff maintains the town offices for the Marshal, Clerk-Treasurer, Waterworks Superintendent, and Building Commissioner and provides information services.

The Ogden Dunes Volunteer Fire Department, established in 1948, is housed in the Department garage and provides fire protection with professionally trained resident volunteers and modern fire-fighting equipment. Fire hydrants connected to the water system are liberally located throughout the town.