Snow Removal

Snow & Ice Control Policy

The responsibility for providing snow and ice removal for the Town infrastructure rests with the Ogden Dunes Street Department.

Snow Storm Access Routes


Please note: the "green" route will be plowed and salted and is the official access route during winter storms. The "red" route will be plowed but not salted and should be avoided during winter storms.


Snow and ice removal is considered emergency work in that pavements must be cleared any time day or night. Because of the potential hazard to the motoring public, and the amount of time and money spent on this program, careful planning and preparation work must be done prior to the winter season. This planning process is difficult due to the variable conditions encountered with each storm. Variables such as rate of accumulation, moisture content, wind direction and velocity, temperature, wind chill, time of day or night, duration of the storm and amount of traffic are all factors that create a unique aspect for each storm that results in no two storms are identical.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of the Street Department is to make all Town owned facilities and streets as safe and accessible as possible during the winter season. Additional caution should be exercised by citizens while using Town streets and facilities during the winter season because of the potential for hazardous conditions to exists, due to ice, snow and freezing temperatures.

The objective of the Street Department is to make all streets, courts and cul-de-sacs as safe and accessible both during and after a winter storm in accordance with the guidelines set herein. We will be proactive when possible and pre-treat known slick and trouble spots. The Town Hall will be open and accessible for police and emergency vehicles at all times.

All primary routs will be made clear and passable from edge of pavement to edge of pavement when possible. On secondary streets, initially a double pathway will be cleared for emergency vehicles. Upon completion of this, cul-de-sacs and courts will be cleared. We will then return to secondary streets and clear from curb to curb. During and after the storm all streets will not necessarily be completely cleared of snow and ice. Some streets may be snow packed and snow can be expected to accumulate adjacent to the traveled portion of a road to the extent that a motorist's sight distance may be greatly reduced or impaired.

Town streets have been divided into two categories which determine the priority and level of service. The primary routs are roads that facilitate traffic into and through the Town. The following roads have been designated as Primary Routs:

  • Hillcrest Road
  • Diana Road

Next on the list to be serviced are secondary routs, cul-de-sacs and courts. This is a much larger group of streets.

The Street Department has developed a priority list to be followed during a storm with the overall efforts for snow removal based on the following priority list:

  • Pre-treatment of known slick and or trouble spots at the onset of the storm.
  • Town Hall, Police Station, and Fire Station open for police and other emergency vehicles.
  • Primary routs within the Town limits, passable and cleared edge of pavement to edge of pavement when possible.
  • Secondary routes double pathway cleared for emergency vehicles.
  • Secondary routes cleared from curb to curb.
  • Cul-de-sacs

The Street Department has developed a procedure to perform snow and ice operations of all weather conditions. Personnel will respond whenever weather conditions pose a threat of hazard to the general public. Depending on the severity of the storm, as few as one person and one truck to as many as six personnel and six pieces of equipment may respond. A key element in implementing an efficient snow and ice control program is receiving timely weather information.

Accurate weather forecasting is imperative in deciding which of the various operational procedures will be followed. The Ogden Dunes Street Department has several tools to assist in this task. The Department has access to weather information via the internet, TV, Porter Co. Police as well as reports from Chicago. These tools all help to assist us in the decision making process for mobilization of manpower and equipment.

It can be expected that snow will be plowed into driveways along through streets and cul-de-sacs as a normal part of snow removal operations. Attempts will be made to keep excessive amounts from accumulating; however, each driveway will receive a certain amount of snow. The Town asks that residents do not blow or shovel snow into streets that have already been plowed. If this occurs the Town will not be responsible for re-plowing streets.

Snow Emergency Reporting

During non-office hours, if a hazardous condition exists within the Town please call 219.477.3000 to notify the Porter County Dispatch who will then contact the Street Department. Members of the Town staff may also be assigned to answer phones during non-office hours in the event of a snow emergency.

Property Damage

During the course of operations throughout any given winter season a certain amount of damage to Town and private property may be incurred by snow removal efforts. In the event that yard damage is sustained due to a plow riding over a curb, the Street Department will repair said damage as soon as weather conditions permit.

If yard sod is rolled back in such a way that it can be re-used representatives of the Street Department will restore it. If the sod is damaged beyond repair, the Street Department will restore the area at the earliest availability of material. Topsoil and seed will be used if the damaged area is nine inches wide or less. Sod will be used in areas larger than nine inches wide. After repairs are made it will be the responsibility of the property owner to water and maintain the area. The Town will not be responsible to make repairs a second time. Any damage to yards or driveways caused by salt or brine being splashed onto them will not be repaired by the Town.

If a Town or contractor plow or truck damages a mailbox kiosk either by direct contact or due to the force of snow rolling off the plow, the mailbox kiosk will be repaired or replaced in accordance with established guidelines with a standard mailbox. A standard design will be used for all mailbox replacements or an equivalent dollar amount will be provided up to the amount of a standard mailbox. A property owner who installs or has installed decorative materials, decorations, signs or lawn irrigation systems within the street right of way does so at their own risk.

Assistance to Private Property

Under no circumstances will a Town employee be allowed to use a Town owned truck to push, pull or tow a stranded private vehicle. If a hazard exists, the employee may use their phone or two-way radio to notify the police of the hazardous condition. The police may at their discretion use any means necessary to remove vehicles from roadways when they feel the vehicle is creating a hazard to other motorists. Likewise under no circumstances will a Town employee use Town owned vehicle to perform any snow removal or ice control operations on private or commercial property.

Departure From Policy

The Town recognizes that conditions may be so unusual or unexpected that departure from these
general policies should be authorized. Therefore, when conditions warrant the Administrator in consultation with the Town Manager or his/her designated representative may order a departure from these general rules when, in the opinion of the Administrator, conditions require such action.