Ogden Dunes has several parks within the Town limits. Many of the parks are nature areas and green space, but there are three main parks with playground equipment and other amenities. Here is a list of some of the parks in town that are developed for resident use.

Sand Track Walking Trail

There is a Sand Track trail that cuts through Ogden Dunes and connects to trails on National Lakeshore property on the west and east sides of the town. The Sand Track Walking Trail used to be the path of a rail road that has been converted into a trail. Access points to this trail can be found on Hillcrest Road near Kratz Memorial Field and near Boat Club Park on the town's east side. On the west side, the access points can be found on Diana Road between Indian Camp Trail and Ski Hill Road.

Kratz Memorial Field

Kratz Memorial Field is a central meeting place for large town events in the summer, being that it is right off of Hillcrest Road. Lots of soccer games and practices happen on Kratz Memorial Field in the Fall and Spring (Ogden Dunes has its own league—several different age groups! Check them out at, and there is a playground on the south side of the park (including slides and a play structure). The playground has one baby swing and several regular swings. There is also a basketball court. There are some picnic tables available, as well. On the north side of Kratz Memorial Field is a storage building (for soccer equipment and field upkeep equipment). There are restrooms in this building as well that are available during public events (like soccer games, etc.). Please note that they are not always open. Keys to the bathrooms/storage for events can be obtained at the Town Hall during business hours.

Kratz Memorial Field is owned and maintained by the Home Association with help from the Street Department and volunteers.

Kratz Memorial Field was also the location of the famous ski jump that used to reside here in Ogden Dunes. There is a historical plaque near the playground about the ski jump. Check it out!

Long Lake Park

This park is the farthest west park in Ogden Dunes. It is located on Valerie Road. There are tennis courts and playground equipment at this park. Also, in 2013, there was an installation of a baby swing and a swing for those who are handicapped. There are picnic tables and outdoor grills available at this park as well. The Sand Track Walking Trail is also accessible from this park.

This park is owned and maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department with help from the Street Department and volunteers. Please note the rules posted at the tennis courts. Reservations can be made at specific times indicated on the signs by contacting the Parks and Recreation Department.

Nelson Reck Park

Nelson Reck Park is the farthest north park in Ogden Dunes. (It is somewhat on the northeast side of town.) It is located on the corner of Ogden Road and Ogden Court (or, also, Skyline Drive). There are tennis courts at this location, and there is also a basketball court. Please note the rules on the posted signs at the courts.

There is a playground that has some small trails behind it (not labeled). There are swings (including one baby swing) and some other equipment (including slides and a play structure). There are a couple of picnic tables there as well. 

Nelson Reck Park is owned and maintained by the Home Association with help from the Street Department and volunteers.


At each park, there are water fountains for public use that are turned on when the weather is appropriate for outdoor running water. There are also trash and recycling receptacles. No glass allowed. Please help keep our parks clean by disposing of your trash and any other trash you may find. Also, please report any strange debris or behavior to the Police Department.

Our town relies heavily on volunteers for keeping the parks clean and free of dangers, so please help! Feel free to bring a bucket (and some gloves) and pull some weeds if you see some! We have to work together to keep our parks beautiful. You can even keep track of and report your volunteer hours via a volunteer form to the Town Hall. Every little bit helps!