Beach Web Cam

Live at Miller Beach, Indiana. Courtesy of Ayers Realtors, Inc.

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Beach Amenities

  • Parking (Handicapped)
  • Trash and/or Recycling Receptacles (carry-in/carry-out to access points)
  • Coolers Allowed (No glass containers)
  • Benches
  • Fishing

Beach Rules

  • No glass
  • Dogs are not permitted on the beach from the Friday before Memorial Day to the day after Labor Day (Ordinance 828 - Dogs on the Beach Amendment.pdf)
  • Dog tags are required
  • Beach is closed from 12:00am - 5:00am daily.
  • Fires must be properly extinguished
  • All litter must be cleaned up

Beach Status

  • Monitoring Organization: Town of Ogden Dunes
  • Monitoring Frequency: 7 times per week for 2017

Beach Tools

Watercraft Beach Storage

Any watercraft stored on Ogden Dunes Beach overnight, or longer, shall display an Ogden Dunes Watercraft Identification permit. Annual permits are available at the Town Hall.  Watercraft permits are $10 for residents. Please bring the following information when applying for your watercraft permit:

  • Watercraft length
  • Watercraft color
  • Manufacturer
  • Hull Identification Number (HIN)

Ogden Dunes Police Department personnel are authorized to ticket and/or direct the removal of non-conforming watercraft at the owner's expense.  In addition, police officers may remove or direct the removal of "abandoned" property or items deemed to be a hazard.

Check the Water Before You Swim

With the help of a grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, beach water quality in Ogden Dunes will be monitored seven days a week in 2017 from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

The nearly one-mile-long stretch of beach at Ogden Dunes is divided into two beaches which are monitored separately for E. coli bacteria: East Beach and West Beach. 

To look up East Beach water quality, visit:

To look up water quality for the West Beach in Ogden Dunes visit:

A mobile application is also available for use on your smartphone at

To look up Beach Hazards for swimming safety (rip currents/wave action—not E. coli), visit:

Green, Yellow, Red

GREEN signs mean the water quality is good.

YELLOW signs mean that certain people, such as the elderly and young children, should be advised to take precautions because the water quality may be compromised.

RED signs mean that the water quality has exceeded the EPA standard of 235 colonies of E. coli bacteria per 200 ml. of water and is closed to swimming.


The following sign, placed on a blue background will be used to indicate the location of beach water quality status signage:


The following sign, placed on a green background, will be used to advise beachgoers when an E. Coli exceedance has not been detected and the water has been determined to be safe for swimming:


The following sign, placed on a yellow background will be used to advise beachgoers when an E. Coli exceedance is imminent or has occurred:


The following sign, placed on a white background with a red octagon, will be used to advise beachgoers when an E. Coli exceedance has occurred and the beach has been closed to swimming:


If you would like to learn more about how water quality is sampled, tested and tracked, please see our video (please note:  it is slightly outdated in that we are no longer using a predictive model as part of monitoring):