Community Garden Update

Posted: March 28, 2015 8:40am CDT

Good news!  All those that applied for a plot in the new Community Garden are guaranteed a spot! There are about 4 beds left for latecomers.

To everyone that applied: I will email everyone with further information and instructions the first week of April. We will plan a meeting to shake hands with fellow gardeners, take a look at the build out schedule and see who wants to help. We will need to decide what to plant in the shared beds, and get to planting in May! Start those seeds!

Payment: being that this inaugural year there's lots to do...there's an opportunity for a reduced fee or even free bed! For those that have already applied if you are willing and able to lend a hand in the build. Leveling of the land after the backhoe, cutting/drilling/assembling/placing the cedar beds, digging post holes, setting the 4x4 posts and T-posts, stretching the fence, constructing 2 gates, constructing a small tool closet, assembling the compost area, constructing a meeting table/benches of some sort, painting signs...all are completed a lot faster with helping hands. If you want to help create the garden, there's ample opportunity and reward. If you've already sent payment: I will hold on to it until we see how involved you want to be during April/May. If you haven't sent payment for you garden plot, just hold on till we can all chat and see who can do what.

If you haven't applied for a Community Garden bed, but want to reserve one of the remaining beds, just send me an email.

Jenifer Wilson