Water Works Board


Water Works for the Town of Ogden Dunes is committed to enhancing water quality, keeping rates affordable, making continuous improvements to the drinking water system and ensuring the Town of Ogden Dunes residents and businesses have sufficient water supplies for future generations.

The Water Works Board produces an annual Drinking Water Quality Report, which details for customers of the Water Works Utility how the system performs and related information.


The Water Works Board meets on the second Monday of every month. Please check the Public Event Calendar for official meeting dates and locations.


Members of the Water Works Board are appointed by the Town Council. Political affiliation eliminated by HEA 1116 - Public Law 164-2019. Each term is for three years. Appointments shall be staggered so that appointments expire in successive years. 

Name   Title Term Term Expires
Devon DeMarco    Water Works Board Director 3 years 1/1/2022
Tom Cleland    Water Works Board Director 3 Years  1/1/2023 
Jim Slawinski     Water Works Board Director 3 years 1/1/2024 

Contact Information

Ogden Dunes Water Works
115 Hillcrest Road
Ogden Dunes, IN 46368

Phone: (219) 762-2441

Email: water.works@ogdendunes.in.gov

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