Town Beautification Committee


To manage community gardens, keep the town clean, decorate for the seasons, keeping the town entrance presentable, and conducting other beautification responsibilities assigned by the town council.


Two members are appointed by the Town Council, two members are appointed by the committee, and there is a liaison from each of the following committees: Park Board, Home Association, and Garden Club. In addition, Ogden Dunes relies heavily on residents and volunteers to keep the town beautiful.


The Beautification Committee meets a minimum of twice a year to plan (Spring and Fall). Please check the Public Event Calendar for official dates.


Members of the committee are appointed by the Town Council, committee, and liaisons from the the Home Association, Parks & Recreation, and Garden Club. Terms are three years for all Town Council Appointees and Committee Appointees. Liaison terms are one year. No political affiliation rule applicable to the Town Beautification Committee for Ogden Dunes.

Name   Title Term Term Expires
Jerry Savel   TC President Appoints 3 years 1/1/2022
Lois Braatz   TC President Appoints 3 years 1/1/2022
vacant   ODHA Appoints 3 years 1/1/2023
Vacant   Park Board Appoints 3 years 1/1/2023 
Dena Green   Garden Club Appoints 3 years 1/1/2022
Linda Dore   Beautification Appoints 3 years 1/1/2022
Tom Kniola   Beautification Appoints 3 years 1/1/2022
Pat Maxwell   Beautification Appoints 3 Years 1/1/2023
Sheila Grow   Beautification Appoints  3 Years 1/1/2023

Contact Information

Ogden Dunes Town Beautification Committee
115 Hillcrest Road
Ogden Dunes, IN 46368 

Resource  Doug Cannon   Liaison

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