Parks & Recreation


Strive to enhance the quality of life of Ogden Dunes citizens by expanding availability of leisure and recreational services and promoting a clean and healthy environment.

General Information

The Ogden Dunes Parks and Recreation Department desires to hear from its citizens regarding parks, trails, and leisure activities. We are seeking community volunteers. If interested, please contact the Ogden Dunes Parks and Recreation Department.

Goals and Objectives

  • To improve existing and create additional recreation and conservation areas in the Park District.
  • To coordinate the efforts of all public agencies while providing citizens and visitors with recreational programs.
  • To work with neighborhoods of the community to develop facilities and programs to meet the individual neighborhoods' needs.
  • To establish priorities in the purchase and development of recreation areas.
  • To strive for full utilization of existing facilities as well as designing new facilities so that they might be utilized fully.
  • Utilize available federal, state and private financing for park and recreational areas.


The Parks & Recreation Board meets on the third Thursday of every month. Please check the Public Event Calendar for official meeting dates and locations.


The department shall be governed by a Parks and Recreation Board, which shall be known as the “Ogden Dunes Parks and Recreation Board,” which shall consist of four members to be appointed by the President of the Town Council with the advice and consent of the Town Council. No more than two of such appointees shall be of the same political party.

Name   Title Term Term Expires
Vacant   Chairman 4 years 1/1/2024
Todd Shannon   Secretary 4 Years 1/1/2022
Sean Overholt   Citizen Member 4 years 1/1/2025
Andrew Gurschick   Treasurer 4 years 1/1/2023


Resource     Doug Cannon    Liaison 

Terms of Office

The terms of the members initially appointed under this chapter shall be one, two, three, and four years; that thereafter, as a term expires, each new appointment shall be for a four-year term. All terms shall expire on the first Monday in January, but an appointee shall continue in office until his successor is appointed. Term of an ex-officio member shall be coextensive with the term of his office in the Ogden Dunes Homeowners Association, unless the body which selects him or her shall at its first regular meeting of a year appoint another to serve as its representative.

Powers and Duties

The Park Board as addressed in this section shall be responsible for administering programs under the Park and Recreation Law, I.C. 36-10-3-1, et seq. The Parks and Recreation Board shall have the following powers, duties and responsibilities:

  1. Perform all acts necessary to acquire and develop sites and facilities; Parks and Recreation 19
  2. Accept as gifts, land or equipment, and may agree to such terms and conditions that the donor may impose and the Board may bind the municipality and carry them out pursuant to authority of I.C. 36-10-3-1, et seq.
  3. Conduct such programs as are generally understood to be Park Board functions;
  4. Provide for and maintain park and recreational areas;
  5. Beautify and enhance the usability and appearance of all Park Board property;
  6. Develop and update on an annual basis, a Five Year Plan. Such plan is to be used to request/receive various grants to facilitate accomplishing the responsibilities as defined for the benefit of the citizens of the town as the Board determines.(`99 Code, §§ 2-101, 5-2, 5-9)


The Board members shall not be compensated for their services but the Town Council may reimburse members for actual expenses incurred in attending meetings dealing with park and recreation problems, provided that the attendance at such meetings was authorized by the majority vote of the Park Board and further provided that all such expenses of all Board members shall not exceed the sum of $500 per annum, which sum shall be appropriated by the Town Council at its next budget meeting for such purposes. (`99 Code, §§ 2-101, 5-10) (Ord. 409, passed 8-3-70)

Contact Information

Ogden Dunes Parks & Recreation
115 Hillcrest Road
Ogden Dunes, IN 46368


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