General Code Review


To review the Town of Ogden Dunes Code of Ordinances except building code items (152.001-152.099, 152.202, & 152.03) for necessary or desirable changes and report recommendations to the Town Council.


The General Code Review Committee meets monthly on the Third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at this time via ZOOM. Please check the Public Event Calendar for official meeting dates and locations.


Members of the committee are appointed by the Town Council. Each term is for three years. No political affiliation rule applicable to the General Code Review Committee for Ogden Dunes.

Name Title Term Term Expires
Dick Meister Chairperson 3 year 1/1/2024
Ken Thompson Secretary 3 year 1/1/2024
Scott Kingan Town Council Member 3 year 1/1/2024
Doug Cannon Town Council Member 3 year 1/1/2022
Connie Collins Member 3 year 1/1/2022
David Hollar Member 3 year 1/1/2023
Mike Schaefer Member 3 year 1/1/2023
Jim Slawinski Member 3 year 1/1/2022
Lynn Toomey Member 3 year 1/1/2023

Note: All are voting members.

General Code Review - Agenda

General Code Review - Meeting Minutes