Fire Department


The Ogden Dunes Volunteer Fire Department (“ODVFD”) was incorporated in 1948, chartered by the Indiana Volunteer Fireman’s Association (IVFA) in 1948 and chartered by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in 1954. The Fire Department’s Station is located at 111 Hillcrest Road, Ogden Dunes in Porter County, Indiana. The ODVFD protects 1.5 square miles of the Town of Ogden Dunes and a mile of the Lake Michigan shoreline that includes the Ogden Dunes Beach.

The Fire Department’s coverage area is primarily residential, surrounded by the Indiana Dunes National Park, with Dunes Highway US 12, the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District’s South Shore Line passenger railroad station, the Norfolk Southern railroad mainline, Indiana American Water’s Ogden Dunes water filtration & treatment plant, and the Ogden Dunes Beach along the southern shoreline of Lake Michigan.

We run an average of approximately 125 calls each year including fires, vehicle accidents, weather spotting, EMS assists, and public assistance calls. The ODVFD maintains mutual aid agreements with other Porter County and Northwest Indiana fire departments. The all-volunteer department provides Fire and Rescue services to over 1,400 residents. We are a smaller volunteer fire department with that strives to provide our community with a high level of emergency services.

Town Council Liaisons:    Bernadette Slawinski & Karl Krizmanic



Ogden Dunes Fire Station - 111 Hillcrest Road, Ogden Dunes, Indiana


The Ogden Dunes Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated in 1948 following several fires; provides fire protection with professionally trained area resident volunteers and modern fire-fighting equipment. Fire hydrants connected to the municipal water system are located throughout the town.


The Fire Department averages between 25-40 members. Not all members are active firefighters, we have a role for everyone to be involved in supporting various aspects of Fire Department operations and services.

Fire Chief

Assistant Chiefs


    • Michael McIntire *
    • George Nickos *


    • John Olsen
    • John Hill **
    • Nick Ayres *


    • Sean Alvey **
    • Nathan Ball *
    • Matthew Emmons **
    • Deidra Fennessy ***
    • Alan Gardner *
    • Patricia Green **
    • Philip Grenchik, Jr. **
    • David Hiduke
    • Elaine Joppek *
    • Christopher Jordan *
    • Mark Juszczak **
    • Chris Lattimer
    • Riley Lewis
    • Charles Litzkow *
    • Gaulo Luna **
    • Debra Mohr ****
    • Douglas Murfitt *
    • Gerald Renzino
    • Theresa Russell **
    • Gerald Scheff
    • Michael Shendrick **
    • Joseph Wray *


    • John Jordan, III

Associate Members

    • Thomas Tittle
    • Bert Tanis
    • Nate Gagliardi
    • Jack Joppek
    • Christopher Tanis
    • Debbie Dixon
    • Michael Tallian
    • Karel Kearl
    • Werner Horvath
    • Larry Bornstein
    • John Wirth

Medical ID

* Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
** Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
*** Paramedic (EMT-P)
**** Registered Nurse


  • Engine #1511 – 2003 Kenworth/Pierce Pumper (1500gpm/900gal)
  • Engine #1512 – 1996 International/Alexis Pumper (1250gpm/1000gal)
  • Wildland #1575 – 1993 Hummer/AMG (150gpm/300gal)
  • Wildland #1576 – 1999 Hummer/AMG (150gpm/450gal)
  • Utility #1550 – Yamaha Viking UTV side-by-side
  • Marine #1551 – Yamaha Wave Runner personal watercraft
  • Service #1552 – 1984 Chevrolet pick-up truck
  • Utility #1553 – Yamaha ATV Grizzly 


Engine 1511 - 2003 Kenworth/Pierce Pumper - 1500gpm/800gal


Engine 1512 - 1996 International/Alexis Pumper - 1250gpm/1000gal


Engine 1512 - 1996 International/Alexis Pumper - 1250gpm/1000gal


Wildland 1575 - 1993 Hummer/AMG - 150gpm/500gal


Marine 1555 - Yamaha Wave Runner


Utility 1550 - 2007 Rhino 660 - 25gal

Radio Communication

Ogden Dunes Volunteer Fire Department ground communications:

  • FCC Call Sign: WQGN794
  • Frequency: 157.65000 MHz
  • PL/CTCSS: 114.8

Porter County Fire Dispatch:

  • FCC Call Sign: WNVJ853
  • Frequency: 154.3100 MHz
  • PL/CTCSS: 114.8

Porter County EMS Dispatch:

  • FCC Call Sign: KKU309
  • Frequency: 155.2350 MHz
  • PL/CTCSS: 110.9

Portage Fire Dispatch:

  • FCC Call Sign: KGW668
  • Frequency: 154.2200 MHz
  • PL/CTCSS: 114.8

Join us, and become a member

The Ogden Dunes Volunteer Fire Department consists of volunteer personnel that respond to emergencies and work to prevent emergencies before they happen through fire prevention and community safety education. Few jobs offer you the chance to save a life, but as a volunteer firefighter, you could be called upon to do so at a moment's notice.

The women and men that make up our Fire Department share a common interest - the desire to help others in need. But to be a good firefighter, you will need more than just a desire to help people. You will also need courage, dedication, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn new skills and face new challenges.

Our volunteers care for all lives! Take the step and join now. YOUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOU!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, please download the volunteer application at this – application link. Once you have completed your application please return it to the Fire Department.


  • At least 18 years of age
    (contact the Fire Chief for 16- or 17-year-old cadette/intern program participation)
  • Live or work in the Ogden Dunes, Indiana area
  • Must have a valid Indiana Driver's License
  • Must have valid Auto Insurance
  • Must pass an expanded background and reference check
  • Must complete training/education classes
  • Must be in good physical condition


We are always looking for volunteers to assist the all-volunteer fire department of Ogden Dunes. Please join us at the Firehouse any Thursday evening at 7:00 pm or contact the Fire Chief. In addition, the Fire Department offers community education programs on CPR/AED, Stop-the-Bleed, water safety, etc…

Child Passenger Safety.jpg

Car Seat Safety Checkup

We want our children to travel safely in cars. Installing a car seat for your younger children and babies can be a challenge. The Fire Department has a trained and certified Child Passenger Safety (CPS) technician who can check to make sure your car seats are installed correctly and teach you how to use and install a car seat on your own for FREE. This FREE service is available by appointment at the Ogden Dunes Firehouse. For a Car Seat Checkup appointment Email:

Contact Information

Ogden Dunes Volunteer Fire Department
111 Hillcrest Road
Ogden Dunes, IN 46368

Emergency:  9-1-1
ComCenter:  219-477-3170 (non-emergency)
Firehouse:    219-763-1008
Fax:             219-764-2741

Fire Chief:    Eric Kurtz
Phone:         219-405-9797

Ogden Dunes Firehouse Meeting Room reservations contact:
Megan Cleary at the Ogden Dunes Town Hall
Telephone:    219-762-4125 ext. 201