Environmental Advisory Board


To advance the health and quality of life of residents though improved water, air, and land quality.

Clean Policy Statement

The Town of Ogden Dunes and its citizens, who strive for a high quality of life and appreciate the area’s unique ecosystem, are committed to both voluntary and required compliance measures related to impacts on the environment. By doing so, the Town of Ogden Dunes will continuously protect, prevent, and reduce impacts on the world’s natural resources of air, land, and water, and will further improve the health of its residents.


  • To advise the Town Council and residents on environmental issues that impact the town.
  • To empower residents with tools and information on how they can help make a difference.
  • To bring environmental concerns that impact residents to the attention of area industries, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Environmental Protection Agency
  • To set up and manage a program that monitors beach water quality from Memorial Day to Labor Day


The Environmental Advisory Board meets each month.


Members of the Environmental Advisory Board are appointed by the Town Council. Each term is for three years. Appointments shall be staggered so that appointments expire in successive years. No political affiliation rule applicable to the Environmental Advisory Board for Ogden Dunes.

Name Phone Title Term Term Expires
Susan Mihalo 219.763.4871 Chairman 3 years 1/1/2023
John Morris 219.763.4064 Secretary 3 years 1/1/2022
Kristine Sandrick 219.928.8212 Member 3 years 1/1/2021
Susan Adams 219.734.6830 Member 3 years 1/1/2021
James Biancotti 219.763.0745 Member 3 years 1/1/2023
Vacant Member 3 years 1/1/2020
Vicky Albritton 970.980.8878 Member 3 years 1/1/2022

Contact Information

Ogden Dunes Environmental Advisory Board
115 Hillcrest Road
Ogden Dunes, IN 46368



We encourage you to take the time and file a complaint when you see or smell pollution in and around Ogden Dunes in either the air or the water. IDEM is required to follow up on any such complaints.

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