Cable Advisory Board


To provide advice and assistance to the Town Council in monitoring compliance with the Cable Television License Agreement and other aspects of cable television service in Ogden Dunes including the local public access channel.

The Cable Advisory Board is comprised of four citizens, appointed by the Town Council for four-year terms. Initial appointments shall be staggered so that appointments expire in successive years. The committee shall elect a chairman and a clerk. The membership shall be made of citizens with diverse backgrounds and should include at least one person knowledgeable in the technical aspects of cable television service.


  • To review and be familiar with the broad terms of the cable licensing agreement between the Town of Ogden Dunes and the franchisee;
  • To advise the Town Council during the negotiations for successor licensing agreements and to help insure compliance with renewal requirements;
  • To receive and evaluate citizen complaints, concerns, and suggestions concerning cable service, compliance with the agreement, and other aspects of cable service;
  • To evaluate the performance of the PEG (public, educational, and governmental) Access provider, for community access television services;
  • To meet with the Town Council from time to time and to advise the Council on matters concerning service, compliance, the regulatory climate, and other matters of relevance to cable subscribers;
  • To submit an annual report of activities to be included in the Annual Town Report.
  • To conduct an annual public hearing to review the performance of the PEG Access provider;
  • To perform such other duties related to cable service as the Selectmen may from time to time request;
  • To continue to investigate and to advise the Town Council on new technologies


The Cable Advisory Board meets in the first month of each quarter.  Please check the Public Event Calender for official meeting dates and locations.


Members of the Cable Advisory Board are appointed by the Town Council. Each term is for four years. Appointments shall be staggered so that appointments expire in successive years. No political affiliation rule applicable to the Cable Advisory Board for Ogden Dunes.

Name   Title Term Term Expires
Tom Tittle   Member  3 years 1/1/2024
Eric Kurtz   Member  3 years  1/1/2023
Vacant   Member 3 years  1/1/2024
Chris Lattimer   Member  3 years  1/1/2022

Contact Information

Ogden Dunes Cable Advisory Board
115 Hillcrest Road
Ogden Dunes, IN 46368

Resource  Doug Cannon   Liaison