Beach Nourishment & Preservation


To review plans for shore protection construction and act on plans for sand replenishment.

The Committee meets on the fourth Monday of every month

Restore the Shore Information

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If you wish to use a credit card, you can also make an online donation through The Porter County Community FoundationPlease specify the "Ogden Dunes Community Fund" as the preferred fund and designate "Restore the Shore" under "Please make my gift in honor of."

Questions and answers about donating to Restore the Shore:

Is this a second request?

  • This is a continuing request and will be so as legal expenses continue. Restore the Shore benefits all Town homeowners and currently
    has only 20% participation.

Has the Town received any wins from Restore the Shore efforts?

  • One important win was permit approval to place stone boulders in front of the seawall. This protects town property as well as homes on Shore Drive.  

Are Restore the Shore funds being used to provide rocks/boulders in front of homes?

  • No. The full cost of the boulders is individually paid for by the homeowner that chooses to participate. The boulders to protect the town accessways to the beach have also been paid for by the adjacent homes. Restore the Shore funds only support the Town’s legal pursuit. 

Why aren't the National Park, State of Indiana, Federal agencies like Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA etc., and the Port of Indiana helping?

  • The town’s current legal action was initiated to allow homeowners to protect their houses, as well as to hold these government agencies responsible for the sand starvation and failing to replenish sand on the beach as decreed.  

Are the funds donated to Restore the Shore tax deductible?

  • Yes.


Must maintain a five-member board per Ordinance 620.

Name   Title Term Term Expires
Sandy Boyer   Member 1 year 1/1/2022
Michele Bonneau   Member 1 year 1/1/2022
Chuck Sheaff   Member 1 year 1/1/2022
Christine Brack   Member 1 year 1/1/2022
Curtis Jackson   Member 1 Year 1/1/2022
John Lawicki   Member 1 year 1/1/2022
Steve Coombs   Member 1 year 1/1/2022
Paul Panther   Member 1 year 1/1/2022

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Beach Nourishment & Preservation
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