Access Ogden Dunes

The Access Ogden Dunes committee works with Town Council members and local departments to identify community needs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law. Formerly known as the ADA committee.


To offer all Town Citizens with permanent and temporary disabilities an Equal Opportunity in accessing Town government offices, public buildings, programs, goods & services, transportation, telecommunications via the Internet, and recreational opportunities. In collaboration with Town Officials and the Ogden Dunes Community, the Access Ogden Dunes committee will:

  • Educate town citizens and officials about the Town’s needs including but not limited to physical accessibility, electronic mail communications and community programs.
  • Provide a referral database of area resources and services for Citizens in need.
  • Advocate for safe community access for all Citizens

Please give advanced notice prior to meetings if anyone needs an accommodation to attend and participate.


The Access Ogden Dunes committee meets the first Tuesday of every other month beginning in January (excepting November). Please check the Public Event Calendar for official meeting dates and locations.


Members of the committee are appointed by the Town Council President.  The term of office is set at the discretion of the Town Council.

Name Title Term Term Expires
Ken Thompson
ADA Coordinator 3 Year 1/1/2024
Ursula Henkel Member 3 Year 1/1/2023
Betsy Mavrelis Member 3 Year 1/1/2022
Judith Petrou Member 3 Year 1/1/2024
Jack Hazan Member 3 Year 1/1/2022
Lois Braatz Member 3 Year 1/1/2023
Bernadette Slawinski Town Council Liaison

Contact Information

Ogden Dunes Access Ogden Dunes Committee
115 Hillcrest Road
Ogden Dunes, IN 46368

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