Committees & Departments

The Town of Ogden Dunes has many Boards, Committees, and Departments to oversee the needs of the community. Each is unique in size, meeting schedule, and specific function; however, the overall mission is the same: To make Ogden Dunes a place in which we can be proud to live, work and play.

Citizens who serve on these committies and departments perform a community service using their skills, interests and initiatives to make the difference.

In addition to Boards and Committees, the Town at times forms Special Committees and and Task Forces to work for a finite time on specific, current issues. Appointments to these special groups are made as needed and terms of service vary.

Please follow the links for more information about the various services provided by those residents appointed and elected to serve you. 


Committees are composed of members appointed by the town council president, but are not regulated by state statute. These committees include:

Other committees work under the auspices of the Town Council. Their membership is composed of interested citizens, but is not appointed by any governing body.


The Town of Ogden Dunes has several departments that provide capable and qualified personnel to accomplish valued services for our residents.  Please refer to the links below for information of each of these groups and the services that they provide.

Town Government - Applications and Forms