Historical Society of Ogden Dunes


To preserve, protect and present the history of Ogden Dunes, Indiana.

Formed in 1988, and incorporated in 1991, the Historical Society of Ogden Dunes has been housing important town archive materials since its inception, and provides a popular and continuous series of programs since 2004, as well as regularly published newsletter. The society maintains a modest museum with limited public hours in the former O.D. and Tillie Frank home, donated by Ogden Dunes resident Sue Mechtersheimer. The Museum continues to operate with generous contributions from individuals, as well as grants from The John W. Anderson Foundation, the Ogden Dunes Community Fund, United Way of Porter County, and the Sara Lee Foundation. The Historical Society of Ogden Dunes is a 501(c)-3 not-for- profit organization.

Website: odhistory.org


The Hour Glass
8 Lupine Lane
Ogden Dunes, IN 46368

Phone: 219.763.0658 (Richard Meister)

Contact Information:

Ogden Dunes Historical Society
115 Hillcrest Road
Ogden Dunes, IN 46368

Phone: 219.763.0658 (Richard Meister)


Name Designation Term Ends
Dick Meister President 2021
Ken Thompson Vice President 2019
Judith Petrou Secretary 2018
Dawn Moore Treasurer 2021
Susan Clouser Trustee 2019
Rick Collins Trustee 2019
Aurelia Costanza Trustee 2019
Marie Englehart Trustee 2021
Julia Hoham Trustee
Werner Horvath Trustee 2019
Dick Hutter Trustee 2020
Dorothy Kurtz Trustee 2019
Erika Stolarz Trustee 2021
Steve Tallackson Trustee 2019
Don Kurtz Emeritus/Founding Member


  • Basic $15
  • Supporter $35
  • Historian $50
  • Leader: $100
  • Business or organization: $100
  • Lifetime member: $500

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